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Photo Essay – The Faroe Islands from Above

This post is a photo essay of the Faroe Islands as seen from an Atlantic Airways helicopter.

We took the Atlantic Airways helicopter from Tórshavn to get to Suðuroy (for an overnight stay). The following morning, we took a boat Suðuroy to return to Tórshavn.

The helicopter ride is a unique experience as you get to see the Faroe Islands in a very different perspective and scale. There is no direct flight to Suðuroy – so it’s three-leg journey. Tórshavn to Skúvoy in about 15 minutes – a 5 minute stop on Skúvoy as some travelers disembark and others get on-board. Then on to Dímun in about 5 minutes – a quick pit stop here too for travelers to get off / on. And lastly to the final destination Suðuroy – the last leg is for about 10 minutes.Faroe Islands from Above 1

This three-leg journey works well because you get to see more of the Faroes than what would be possible on a direct flight from Tórshavn to Suðuroy. (more…)