Welcome to my travel blog! My story is not typical. I am not a full time travel blogger – I have not visited 90 countries, I have not quit my job, and I don’t earn anything from this blog. Instead, I have a full-time job that I quite love and this blog is an essay of my travels.

My travels are organized – bordering on the hyper-organized. The high degree of organization is a reflection of a broader personality disorder – mildly Asperger’s (I should add the qualifier: self-diagnosed).

The destinations are a mix – from mainstream Paris to remote Greenland. The hotels are a mix too – from an über luxurious suite in Tuscany to a vanilla hotel room in Kowloon.

Great food is central to my travels – and sugar is often at the center of that center (and nope – I’m not fat! far from it). Gelato, lemon Danish, white hot chocolate – that lunch or dinner could be composed of half a dozen desserts is not unthinkable for me. And so, when a trip is planned, some time is always earmarked for finding in advance the best patisseries and bakeries.

My posts are probably not funny or entertaining. The photography is not world class either. But if you want details, this blog may interest you. Detail is the name of the thread that ties together many posts – the texture of Blueberry Skyr, the quiet symmetry in how croissants are organized in a coffee shop, the smell of halibut at the harbor et cetera.

– Organized Wanderer

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