A list of places I want to see and experience – palpably, the list is constantly evolving as I strike off and add line items. In the comment box below, share your dream destination and maybe I’ll add it to my list – and who knows, we may even run into each there.

  1. Attend a pasta making class in Tuscany
  2. Snowmobile on a glacier in Iceland
  3. Kayak among icebergs in Greenland
  4. Hike in the outer islands of the Faroe Islands
  5. Spot a polar bear in Antarctica
  6. Island hop in French Polynesia
  7. Watch the northern lights from Norway
  8. Do a cruise in the Norwegian fjords
  9. Mult-day dog sledding trip in Swedish Lapland
  10. Hike in Patagonia
  11. Explore the Black Forest
  12. Stay at a hotel on the shores of Lake Bled
  13. Explore the southern beaches of Corsica
  14. Visit North Korea
  15. Explore the Azores
  16. Explore the northern edges of Alaska
  17. Do a polar safari in Baffin Island
  18. Cruise to the North Pole
  19. Visit the Lofoten archipelago
  20. Stay on the Shetland Islands
  21. Visit Svalbard in winter
  22. Photograph an active volcanic eruption
  23. Walk amidst cherry blossoms in Japan

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