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Photo Essay – The Faroe Islands from Above

This post is a photo essay of the Faroe Islands as seen from an Atlantic Airways helicopter.

We took the Atlantic Airways helicopter from Tórshavn to get to Suðuroy (for an overnight stay). The following morning, we took a boat Suðuroy to return to Tórshavn.

The helicopter ride is a unique experience as you get to see the Faroe Islands in a very different perspective and scale. There is no direct flight to Suðuroy – so it’s three-leg journey. Tórshavn to Skúvoy in about 15 minutes – a 5 minute stop on Skúvoy as some travelers disembark and others get on-board. Then on to Dímun in about 5 minutes – a quick pit stop here too for travelers to get off / on. And lastly to the final destination Suðuroy – the last leg is for about 10 minutes.Faroe Islands from Above 1

This three-leg journey works well because you get to see more of the Faroes than what would be possible on a direct flight from Tórshavn to Suðuroy. (more…)

The Best Breakfast in Tórshavn

I will start this post by clarifying that I’ve not had breakfast at all the cafés in Tórshavn. I was in Tórshavn for five days and did something different for breakfast on each of those days. And since there aren’t 50 cafés to choose from in Tórshavn, when I use the superlative (in ‘Best’ Breakfast in Tórshavn), I don’t think I’m way out of line in my estimate or taking a shot in the dark.

The best breakfast in Tórshavn is at Kaffi Húsið. At the marina, the location of Kaffi Húsið is splendid and a catnip for photographers. While the interior is not particularly atmospheric – the location is perfect. In summer, many customers (mostly locals) choose to sit outside and enjoy the summer sun. (more…)

The Definitive Guide to Reaching the Kallur Lighthouse

The November / December 2007 edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine carried the results of a comprehensive survey of 111 island communities. The purpose of the survey was to find the best islands in the world – where best essentially amounted to being pristine and a high likelihood to remain so in the near future. The Faroe Islands were ranked #1 – ahead of islands such as Azores (Portugal), Lofoten (Norway) and Isle of Skye (Scotland).

The photograph of the Faroe Islands that's inspired many travelers
The photograph of the Faroe Islands that’s inspired many travelers

It’s this photograph that captured my imagination – and so, when the trip to the Faroe Islands was finally planned many years later, not hiking to this lighthouse was not really an option. (more…)

Eat Like a Local in the Faroe Islands – Get Some Skyr

First off, Skyr is not Faroese. It’s Icelandic. In fact, it’s as Icelandic as fish and chips is British. But it’s very popular in the Faroe Islands and if you’re not headed to any other Scandinavian country, then you should get your fix of Skyr in the Faroes.

Four of the many delicious flavors of Skyr
Four of the many delicious flavors of Skyr


Impossibly Beautiful Houses with Grass Roofs in the Faroe Islands

Who does not like the hobbit-esque grass roofs of the Faroe Islands? I for one couldn’t stop myself from trying to photograph as many of them as I could.

In the Faroe Islands there's a charming grass roof house at every corner
In the Faroe Islands there’s a charming grass roof house at every corner

Our guide in Tórshavn (Sámal Bláhamar) explained that turf roofs are more expensive than the regular alternative – and to an extent they are about showing one’s wealth in an obtuse way. (more…)

Scheduling a Trip to the Scenic Waterfall in Gásadalur

This post is essentially about why we drove straight off to the village of Gásadalur after landing in the Faroe Islands (and why you may want to do the same).

We landed at Vágar airport after having changed three flights. That is not a gripe. If there were direct flights to the Faroes from three cities in the U.S. and 25 cities in Europe – the islands would have to abandon the ‘unspoiled, unexplored, unbelievable’ tag line. It’s the remoteness of the islands that fuels their otherworldly charm. (more…)

What to Expect On Your Flight Into the Faroe Islands

We flew into the Faroe Islands from Copenhagen. Departure was scheduled from Terminal 2 at 12:55, and arrival at Vágar Airport (the only airport on the Faroe Islands) at 14:05; Copenhagen is an hour ahead of the Faroe Islands, which meant that the total flying time was just over 2 hours.

At the departure gate it was announced that the Atlantic Airways flight from Copenhagen to Vágar airport would take a detour and take a pit stop in Bergen (Norway) to pick up passengers who were unable to fly on the Bergen-Faroe route the previous day because of inclement weather.

Ready to board the Atlantic Airways flight from Copenhagen
Ready to board the Atlantic Airways flight from Copenhagen

With six full days on the Faroe Islands, I was not complaining about the detour. (more…)

Three Tips for Planning Your Trip to the Faroe Islands

I will break this piece into three components:

  • Useful Resources
  • Plan Way Ahead
  • Don’t Leave Anything for the Last Day

Useful Resources
The number one resource for planning a trip to the Faroe Islands is At least 50% of all the information I needed and organized, I gleaned from this one website. It’s fairly up to date and many of the brochures that you will find on landing at Vágar airport, in the local tourist office, or your hotel / B&B, are on this website in PDF format. Once you’re on the Faroe Islands, it’s rather unintelligent if you have to waste hours poring over maps or asking for details at a local tourist office – when most of it is available online and could have been consumed before arriving.

Tourist Office in Tórshavn - You Want to Avoid Spending Time In Here
Tourist Office in Tórshavn – You Want to Avoid Spending Time In Here

If you spend a while on, you should be able to build out a high level itinerary that essentially answers two of the most fundamental questions: (1) approximately how many days do you want to spend on the Faroe Islands? (2) do you want to base yourself in one place and travel to the other islands, or do you want to hop islands (if yes, which ones)? (more…)